• M1, Computer Fundamentals Operating System, Internet and Email Applications, Website Graphics & Illustration Fundamentals, Website Design & Visualization Fundamentals. Essentials of Web Designing, Introduction to Website development, backend and frontend development.
  • M2. Designing for Web using Markup Language and Style sheets: using HTML5 and CSS.
  • M3. Developing Interactive Web Pages: usingjQuery and JavaScript
  • M4. Design & Development using Programming Language: Introduction to PHP, Variables, Constants, Datatypes, Operators and Control Structures, LOOping Statements, Arrays and Foreach Loop, PHP Functions, HTML Forms with PHP, File Handling etc.
  • M5. Design & Development using Programming Language: Introduction to MySQL, Datatypes, Constraints, Select, Orderby, Limit, Functions – Number, Date, Character, Control Flow, Joins, Groupby, Having, Subquery, Indexing etc.
  • M6. Fundamentals & principles of Web design, Functionality of Website, Webpage designing, CaSCading style sheets, Website management, Web hosting and maintenance, Web banner advertisement, Sound editing & processing.
  • M7. Drawing Basics, Drawing & Painting, BG Creation, Web Animation, Cartoon Animation, Sound processing, Effect Animation Works, Hyperlink & Button and Web Designing.
  • M8. Digital Imaging, Vector and Raster Graphics, image editing, Restoration & Retouching techniques, Logo Creations, Print & Production techniques, Sketch Creation.
  • M9, Projects
  • Software’s:Windows, HTML5 with CSS, JavaScript with jQuery, PHP with MySQL, Dream weaver, Photoshop, Flash.