Mega Trend Systems Computer Education


  • M1. School Of Post Production – Level 1 Overview of film editing, Understanding Clips, Media Files and Sequence, Starting a new Project, Importing & open Files, Browser Overview, Organizing Clips. In The Browser, The Creation of Sequences and BINS, The Icon View and Columns View, Viewer Overview, The Tabs in Viewer, The Transport Controls, Marking Controls, The Timeline Overview, Canvas Windows, Editing Clips Into The Canvas & Timeline, Drag and Drop Editing.
  • M2, School of Post Production-Level 2 The Sequence Time code, The Settings, The Timeline Buttons and Controls, Navigating and Zooming, Transferring Clips in the Timeline, Trimming Using the Selection Tool, Clip Handles & Media Limits, Closing and Finding Gaps, Linking and Sync, Selection, forward Edit tool, Edit Selection tool, roll Edit tool, Slide Edit, Razor Blade Tools, Zoom and Hand, CROP & DISTORT, Pen tool, The Adjustment of Levels, How to Read Audio Meters, Working with Stereo and Mono Clips, Adjusting Audio Over Time, The Audio Mixer & using the Voice Over tool.
  • M3, School Of Post Production – PRACTICAL. Level 1
  • M4. School of Post Production-PRACTICAL, Level 2
  • M5, School of Post Production-PRACTICAL, Level 3
  • M6, School Of Post Production – PRACTICAL Level 4
  • M7, School of Post Production-PRACTICAL, Level 5
  • Software’s: Windows/OS X, Final Cut Pro-FCP.