Mega Trend Systems Computer Education


  •  M1. Fundamentals: OS, Internet and Email Applications. Introduction to Filmmaking and Television Production.
  • M2, Video Editing: Theory & Practice, Objectives of Editing,Types of the edit: action edit, screen position edit, form edit, dynamic edit. Introduction to Videography & Digital Camera, video & File formats, Film Editing and Special Effects, Sound editing and special effects, Rendering.
  • M3, Sound Editing: Theory and Practice, The Nature of Sound, Human Voice and Speech, The Sound Mixer.
  • M4, Visual Effects: Theory & Practice, VFX 8. SFX An Overview, Title Effects.
  • M5, Stills/Image Editing: Fundamentals of Advertising, Various Advertising Media, Logo Creations, Production techniques, File formats, Sketch Creation and Coloring. Digital Imaging.
  • M6. TV Graphics and Animation Editing: Theory and Practice,Elements of 2D Graphic, 2D Modeling, Special effects creation, Environmental special effects, Introduction to virtual sets, Drawing Basics, Drawing & Painting, BG Creation, Cartoon Animation, Sound processing, Effect Animation Works.
  • M7, School of Post Production-Level 1
  • M8, School of Post Production-Level 2
  • M9, School of Post Production-PRACTICAL-Level 1
  • M10, School of Post Production-PRACTICAL-Level 2
  • M11, School Of Post Production – PRACTICAL- Level 3
  • M 12. School Of Post Production – PRACTICAL- Level 4
  • M13, School Of Post Production – PRACTICAL- Level 5
  • Software’s: Windows/OS X, Premiere with Sound Forge, After Effects, Photoshop, Flash, Final Cut Pro-FCP.