Mega Trend Systems Computer Education


  • Module 1. Introduction to Computerized Accounting, Basics of Accounting, Computer Fundamentals Operating System.
  • Module 2. Manual Accounting: Accounting Principle, Preparation of Journals, Ledgers & Trial Balance, Finalisation of Accounts of proprietorship and partnership, Source Documents Vouchers, Writing books of Accounts – Cash Book, General Ledger – GL Accounts Receivable-A/R, Accounts Payable A/P and Journal Proper, Registers Purchase, Sales, Return Inwards & Return Outwards, Inventory Management – Stock Records, Stock Valuation.
  • Module 3. Computerized Financial Accounting using Tally, Inventory, Voucher Entry, Advanced Accounting, Advanced Inventory, GST, POS, Job Casting, TDS, Payroll.
  • Module 4. Foreign Computerized Financial Accounting using Peachtree. Using the Menu Bar, Using the Main Application Toolbar, Learning Common Business Terms, Company Creation, Chart of Account, AccountingTransactions, Inventory Management, Finance charge and Other Peachtree features.
  • Module 5. Computerized Office Administration, Basic Accounting package using MS-Excel. More Functions and Formulas, Working with Data Ranges, Working with Pivot Tables, Analyzing and Organizing Data, Working with the Web and External Data, Working with Macros, Customizing ExCel.
  • Module 6. Wordprocessing package using MS-Word.
  • Module 7. Computerized financial international Accounting/Business management Software using QuickBooks, Generate Reports, Create an Invoice, Create and Track Budget, Bookkeeping, Billing, Invoicing, Payroll.
  • Software’s: Windows, Excel, Word, Tally, Peachtree, Quick Book.