Mega Trend Systems Computer Education


  • Module 1 Computer Fundamentals Operating System,Internet and Email Applications. Introduction to Advertising and Printing media.
  • Module 2 Pre press Tool Elements of Design , Principle of design , Design process, Research Technique ,Idea Generation & all printing media designing .
  • Module 3 Designing: Fundamentals of Advertising,Various Advertising Media,Ad Creations,Print& Production Techniques,File Formats,Sketch Creation and Coloring.
  • Module 4 Digital Imaging:Vector and Raster Graphics,Color Corrections,image Editing ,Restoration& Retouching techniques,
  • Module 5 Digital Imaging: Logo Creations, Print & Production techniques , Sketch creation and color- ing , File Format
  • Module 6 Graphic and Animation Editing: Theory and Practice,Elements of 2D Graphic, 2D modelling, special effects creations , Environmental Special effects , Introduction to virtual sets , Drawing Basic,Drawing & Painting ,BG Creation,Cartoon Animation, Sound processing, Effect Animation Works.
  • Module 7 Video Editing : Introduction to Videography & Digital Camera, video File formats, Film- Editing and Special Effects,and Projects.
  • Module 8 Visual Effects:Creating a Basic Animation Effects and Presets,Animation Text,Shapes Layers, Animating Layers, working with masks,keying,performing color correction,Building and Animating a 3D Objects,3D Features ,Advanced Editing Techniques, Rendering and output.
  • Module 9 3D Modeling: Modeling,Character Creation.
  • Module 10 3D Animation 3D Titling,Lighting,Rigging,Character Animation
  • Module 11 Rendering, Stranded Lighting,Advanced Lighting,Basic Texturing,Particles,Environment Effects,Reactors,Rendering.
  • Module 12 Camera Walk through,Composting,Special Effects and Projects Works.
  • Software’s: Windows, Pagemaker, Corel draw, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Premiere, Maya, After Effects.